Hi, visit Prophet Diallo’s flickr photos when you’ve time and be blessed beyond description. There are supernatural photos from world missions such as one in which an angel appeared from heaven and was caught on camera whiles RevD ministered at the Nairobi Prophetic Conference and safari walk photos about wildlife in their natural habitat to entertain you and your family.

His Supernatural photostream & safari walk website address: - http://www.flickr.com/photos/prophetdiallo/

His Persona & profile website address:-


His e-mail:  prophetdiallo@yahoo.co.uk

Cell:  +233 - 243201490, +233 – 244234994 and

His International Office roaming number: +447872218554 (you may call 24/7)


I wish you well and may you be quick to recover and be difficult to be kept down. And always remember that storms don’t last forever. Focus on the solution and not on the problem. Stay blessed and hope to read from you when you’ve time to drop me a line. May God stay you on course daily.


Prophet Diallo has ministered and been a tremendous blessing in places like Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and other cities in South Africa, Gaborone in Botswana , Nairobi in Kenya, Lagos & other states in Nigeria, Abidjan in Ivory Coast, Kinshasa in D.R Congo, Harare the capital of Zimbabwe, Togo, Cotonou in Benin, Free Town in Sierra Leone,  Monchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Neuss & Berlin in Germany, Rotterdam in Netherlands, Tel Aviv in Israel  and in New Jersey, Columbus Ohio, Lancaster and in Michigan in USA. Prophet Diallo has by grace had the opportunity to pray personally for presidents of different countries and ministered on various national and international platforms.

to invite Prophet Diallo to your Revival Service, just email him via prophetdiallo@yahoo.co.uk

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